Greg will take you on an inspirational journey to help you fully comprehend how your "Jerusalem" and your "ends of the Earth" intersect. This book will be a revolutionary resource for you for years to come.

– Mark Batterson, Lead Pastor, National Community Church
NYT best selling author of "The Circle Maker"

Last 4 Words

Make Jesus Known to the Ends of the Earth


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A Guide to Embrace the Calling and Transform the World.

“Last 4 Words” is not just a book; it’s a pivotal journey toward understanding our collective mission in a world craving hope and salvation. At the heart of this profound exploration lies a simple yet often overlooked truth: vast stretches of our planet remain untouched by the gospel, echoing the silent cries of the unreached. Greg Kelley invites us to confront this reality, urging a mission beyond our comfort zones.
Through analysis, narratives, and personal encounters, this book illuminates the path to fulfilling Jesus’ final command. It’s a call to awaken, reassess our roles, and boldly step into spaces where we’re needed most. Discover how answering this call can change the world—one soul at a time.



Praise for Last 4 Words

Greg Kelley has written a book that will change the way you look at global missions. As followers of Jesus, we must have a clear understanding of His last four words which will guide our participation in the Great Commission. Greg will take you on an inspirational journey to help you fully comprehend how your “Jerusalem” and your “ends of the Earth” intersect. This book will be a revolutionary resource for you for years to come!

– Mark Batterson
Lead Pastor, National Community Church
New York Times bestselling author of "The Circle Maker"

Greg Kelley pours out his twenty-five years of experience of being a missions CEO into this book. I love global missions and being involved in the Great Commission which is why I think this book is fantastic! Greg points out how critical it is for followers of Jesus to take His last four words, “ends of the Earth,” seriously. You’ll be shocked to learn how many people still remain without their first gospel witness and how God wants to use you to reach them. I know you’ll devour “Last 4 Words” like I did!

– Kevin Sorbo

Greg Kelley is a man whose words are fully backed by a faithful life dedicated to carrying out Christ’s Great Commission. In his book, “Last 4 Words,” Greg reminds us of the incredible need for the gospel throughout the world and teaches us how we can change the eternal trajectory of people groups with no current access to the good news of salvation. “Last 4 Words” is full of true and powerful accounts from Greg’s many years of global missions ministry, and it will surely stir your soul. If your heart isn’t broken for the lost and motivated to reach them before reading his insightful book, it certainly will be after. It has been an honor for “In Touch” to partner with Greg and “Unknown Nations,” in carrying Christ’s message to the ends of the Earth.

– C. Phillip Bowen
President and CEO, In Touch Ministries

I have known Greg Kelley for many years and his passion for unreached people is deep and contagious. “Last 4 Words” captures that passion and challenges us to take Jesus’ very last words seriously and sacrificially—last words are lasting words. Using a terrific blend of Scripture, personal stories, historical examples, and illustrations, “Last 4 Words” powerfully reminds us of the need and priority of those with the least access and response to the gospel. After reading “Last 4 Words” and gaining a fresh understanding of the Great Commission, you may never be the same.

– Dan Scribner
Director, Joshua Project

Meet The Author

In 1998, Greg Kelley pivoted from a lucrative insurance career to spearhead Unknown Nations, driven by a divine calling to spread Jesus’ final words to the ends of the Earth. His journey, touching over 50 countries, marries evangelism with advocacy for the voiceless, encapsulating the essence of a humanitarian driven by deep conviction.

A Western Michigan University alum and football MVP, Kelley’s athletic discipline fuels his tireless ministry. Beyond his evangelical mission, his heart belongs to his family—wife Kathy, their children, and grandchildren—and his passions: golf, snowboarding, and college football. Kelley’s life, rooted in Byron Center, Michigan, is a testament to a relentless pursuit of Christ’s last command, embodied through service and love. His global adventures reflect a life lived in others’ service, uniting faith, family, and the quest to illuminate the unreached with hope.

Who is Last 4 Words For?


Individuals who are passionate about fulfilling Jesus’ Great Commission and are looking for guidance on how to extend their gospel outreach to the most unreached corners of the globe.


Spiritual leaders seeking innovative and effective strategies for mobilizing their congregations towards impactful global missions, especially in regions where the gospel is least known.


Believers who are specifically interested in global missions and are searching for inspiration and practical advice on how to contribute to spreading the gospel to the “ends of the Earth.”


Those involved in humanitarian efforts who wish to integrate their faith more deeply into their work, especially in serving communities with little to no access to the Christian message.


Young Christians eager to explore and engage in global missions, looking for direction on how to use their energy and resources for kingdom purposes.

Anyone Looking to make an Impact

Christians at any stage of life who feel a stirring to contribute more significantly to the spread of the gospel but are unsure where to start or how to make a meaningful impact.

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