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Bigger Heart Than Hunger Issue

Bigger Heart Than Hunger Issue

March 7, 2023 5:13 PM
March 7, 2023 5:13 PM


The two year anniversary of the infamous Myanmar military coup came and went this past month. This unlawful regime continues its crackdown upon millions of innocent lives. Now, the UN is saying that 5 million children are in dire need of humanitarian aid due to the conflict.

The carnage taking place is unimaginable and is going largely unnoticed by the global community. It is another example of the worst of both worlds being met by silence. 

Since its independence in 1948, this precious land in Myanmar has experienced decades of repressive military rule and civil war among minority ethnic groups. During that time, millions of people have been displaced, sexually assaulted and subjected to mass killings - in short, textbook genocide. All the while, Myanmar’s delicate economy suffers and hangs on by a thread. The most weak and vulnerable people are victimized over and over again.

The church has a tremendous opportunity to be a light!

We certainly should not respond as the world, plowing endless relief into chaos and turmoil in the absence of a long term goal. We have the only - and best - solution! Myanmar, facing a tragic scenario like so many other places, requires the Good News of Jesus Christ!

The atrocities in Myanmar are a perfect example of how the Body of Christ can make a significant impact in a place that seems hopeless. Unfortunately, Myanmar has a far bigger heart issue than a hunger issue. Making people temporarily more comfortable on their way to eternity is beneath the Body of Christ. Our calling is much higher, which is why the gospel message MUST be the forerunner alongside any strategic humanitarian assistance that is required. That makes Myanmar a country facing the worst of both worlds.

Despite much of the country being an active war zone, our leaders on the ground have never stopped going to the most dangerous spots and doing what the church should be doing. Our leaders are committed to telling the broken communities and villages about the love of Jesus!

Sometimes, the primary fact lost on followers of Jesus is that in the midst of this physical carnage is a country that has a chronic spiritual condition. 83% of the people in the country live within people groups without access to the gospel! 

Because of our faithful men and women (same culture missionaries) on the ground, we are seeing hearts transformed by the power of the gospel. Just recently an outreach took place that impacted approximately 3,000 people. Here is the summary of that encounter:

Among those 3,000 people:

  1. 60% of them were completely unreached people and had never heard the name of Jesus. This was their first time hearing the gospel in their whole lives.
  1. 98% of them were unbelievers (75% of Buddhists, 15% of Hindus and 10% of Muslims).
  1. We distributed 212 Burmese and Mandarin Treasures to key people who could not read or write well. (This was an area near the border with China which requires Mandarin).

After the distribution, more than 200 received Jesus and requested water baptism. 30 new leaders from that outreach are being trained at our training center designed to develop disciple makers! Friends, Myanmar is ripe for the gospel despite it being gripped in chaos and uncertainty.

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