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Refugee Crisis

Refugee Crisis

July 6, 2023 4:53 PM
July 6, 2023 4:53 PM


Every 3 seconds someone is newly displaced because of war, violence or persecution. Sometimes, this displacement crosses a country line, triggering refugee status. Many times it does not, and they often remain inside their country as internally displaced people (IDP). In either case, many of these precious people, often women and children, have lost everything. They are in the most vulnerable state imaginable, thankful to flee a horrific situation with their lives. Many of the regions where these displacements occur are also without a gospel witness. They are unreached!

We believe that these humanitarian crises around the world provide a unique and unprecedented opportunity. According to the UN Refugee Agency there are more refugees and displaced people today than anytime in history. What an opportunity for the Body of Christ to mobilize for the Gospel! It will require us to go behind the chaos of barbed wire fences and prison-like conditions into a place with no organization, no political structure, and no defined village or other geographic boundary.

I was in northern Nigeria recently among the areas that Boko Haram has unleashed horrific terror on millions of people. There are literally hundreds of IDP camps. The eyes of these precious people told you everything. Most had lost an immediate family member, which made the majority of these dear ones widows and orphans.

The despair was almost palpable as we moved from family to family trying to encourage them and share the Good News. One of the buildings had fresh patches of concrete which I was told were repairs from a week prior when thugs from Boko Haram caused further terror within the camp and a suicide bomber blew himself up, killing several people and damaging the building. It is unimaginable evil. No amount of aid and financial support will heal the wounds of these people, only the incomprehensible love of Jesus!

How will we respond?

Today, a new opportunity presents itself. Another civil war in Africa – this time in Sudan – is causing unspeakable carnage and suffering. Sudan has been the most recent target of the devil. We believe the assault upon these lives is intended for complete destruction and annihilation. That is the playbook of our adversary, his agenda for the ages. 

Refugees from Sudan are fleeing across the border into Chad by the tens of thousands. Our indigenous missionaries on the ground are mobilizing to help. It is simply overwhelming. Children who have not eaten for days are clinging to their mother’s back while others are being dragged as they trek for safety. Most have nothing except the clothing on their backs. They desperately need food, as many have already succumbed to starvation. To complicate matters further, there are seasonal rains in the area so temporary shelters are vital in our response.

As our leaders share life saving supplies, they will also share solar powered audio Bibles in the Arabic language to give urgently needed food for their soul!

What a privilege to be able to stand with them in their time of need and point them to the only answer and source of eternal peace: Jesus!!

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