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Sharing the Gospel Where No One Else Has Gone

Sharing the Gospel Where No One Else Has Gone

August 2, 2022 5:47 PM
August 2, 2022 5:47 PM


I love our staff at Unknown Nations and know you’d enjoy sitting in on our weekly meetings every Wednesday morning to experience it for yourself. There are about 15 of us when we can all attend. Some join from their remote locations across the country as we share testimonies, pray and discuss future vision together! Some of the unseen participants include over 1,000 indigenous missionaries who daily carry out the vision of Unknown Nations in places like Cambodia, Eritrea and Sri Lanka. The other is YOU!

A Record Setting Year

It would have been impossible to achieve the record setting number of Treasure distributions over these past 12 months without you! Can you believe that more than 150 Treasures were sent every day over the past year?! That amounts to 21,000 people hearing about Jesus for the first time every single day someplace in the unreached world.

Our tagline – ‘Where no one else has gone’ – is a deep burden among the entire Unknown Nations family. We share the same urgency that Paul sensed when he declared his personal mission statement in Romans 15:20,

My ambition has always been to preach the Good News where the name of Christ has never been heard, rather than where a church has already been started by someone else.

As we begin another fiscal year at Unknown Nations, we celebrate the lives that have been impacted for eternity while fixing our eyes on the task that remains. You see, Christianity is growing faster in Africa than any other place in the world, yet 15 countries on that continent still have fewer than 1% who know Jesus. This remarkable contrast shows why we must utilize available data to guide our mission investment. I’m very certain that Paul would not have randomly approached the African mission field. He would have discovered where a missionary had been prior to his arrival and literally gone someplace else! Are we prepared to make those difficult decisions?

The Gospel Is The Only Solution

Our local leader in the Horn of Africa recently told us of his encounter with a military general in the war torn country of South Sudan. This place has been devastated by civil war and conflict for over 25 years. Their infrastructure is destroyed. It is very difficult to raise leaders and disciple the next generation. When more than 2 million people lose their lives and countless more are displaced, it puts a premium on creative discipleship efforts. The leader told our partner that the “only solution for the crises in his country is the Word of God.” He explained how many of his soldiers have been listening to the Treasures and that thousands of additional units were urgently needed!

We embrace these environments and opportunities because we agree that the only solution is a radical change of heart! For people living in the unreached world, chaos, uncertainty, and despair are the common themes. We refuse to allow those conditions to remain and are determined to get thousands of Treasures into their precious hands. Together we will become the generation to fulfill the Great Commission.

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