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Holy Spirit Boldness Follow Up

Holy Spirit Boldness Follow Up

October 26, 2023 3:50 PM
October 26, 2023 3:50 PM


While our U.S. team was in India, we visited underground communities of believers from the state of Bihar, India. Bihar, considered “The graveyard of missions”, has the largest concentration of unreached people groups in the world. 

We had the privilege of meeting a woman from one of these people groups, a world changer named Rinku. Rinku is from the Bhuiya People, a nation consisting of 1,768,000 individuals who are viewed as “untouchables” and “rat eaters”, looked down upon by most of Indian society and considered to be at the very bottom of the caste hierarchy. Hinduism has dominated their culture, leaving a mere sixteenth of a percent of all Bhuiya that serve Jesus. 

A short time ago, Rinku had a powerful experience and came to know Jesus through listening to the Treasure. In less than a year’s time, she has led thirty men and seventy women to Jesus! Not only this, but she has been discipling them, answering their questions and teaching them to walk in His ways. 

Rinku is an inspiring model of dedicating everything she is and everything she has to sharing the gospel. She has physical limitations caused by polio and lives a very humble lifestyle. The only way that she can walk is by picking up each foot with her hand and placing it in front of the other. 

When one of our leaders knelt in front of her and asked, “If I could pray for anything for you, what would it be?” Without hesitation, she asked for more Holy Spirit boldness to share the gospel with others! After praying with our team, Rinku said that she would like to donate a piece of property that she had just inherited to build a church for her community. Even though she is handicapped and lives in poverty, her greatest desire? Jesus. 

All this faithful Treasure distributor asked for was more Holy Spirit power to share the gospel with her people.

Rinku has a motorized tricycle! Following our team’s trip, we were inspired to further mobilize this dedicated leader’s outreach ministry. She is now able to travel longer distances to distribute Treasures and share the gospel message!

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