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The Greatest Holdout

The Greatest Holdout

February 7, 2023 5:22 PM
February 7, 2023 5:22 PM


India is a country that stands alone in so many ways as it relates to the Great Commission. They have a greater concentration of unreached people than any country in the world…and it’s not even close. Christianity has always been a minority religion despite significant mission efforts over the centuries. This is amazing, considering that Thomas, the disciple of Jesus, first brought the gospel there over 2,000 years ago!

During the 20th century, while much of Sub-Saharan Africa was exploding with the gospel, India has been largely unresponsive to the Good News. Followers of Jesus in Malawi started at 2% in 1900 and grew to 77% by the end of the century! Kenya went from .2% all the way to 79%. And, the massive country of Congo went from less than 2% all the way to 95%!! Africa’s response during this time was thanks to incredible investments, prayers and sacrifice.

Over that same time period, 1900-2000, India’s population started at 2% Christian and ended at 2%. This resistance toward the gospel still continues today.

As Christians, we need to understand the challenges and find ways to prayerfully be a part of seeing this country reached with the Good News. We are absolutely confident that India will one day call upon the name of Jesus in historic proportions! 

The first thing we must realize is that inside of India resides 2,135 people groups that do not have access to the gospel. They are unreached. That is more than the next 6 countries combined! This country also has 460,000 villages that do not have any kind of Christian presence. This land must become a priority for the Body of Christ. We must find the current situation unacceptable on our watch of stewarding the Great Commission.

Because of this, we have developed a network of four indigenous leaders across the country, three of them are in the north where Christianity is almost non-existent. In this area we heard of a Hindu man who received Jesus by listening to the Treasure. In his enthusiasm he declared “your God speaks my language!” He said he would share the gospel through the solar powered audio bible with 2,000 people in the next few months! This is the kind of determined approach it will take to reach all of India…the greatest holdout to the greatest story ever told.

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