Our Impact

Making a Real Difference

Unknown Nations is making a real difference in the lives of unreached people groups in the most barrier-ridden and spiritually antagonistic places in the 10/40 window. From planting hundreds of churches, distributing millions of audio Bibles, and providing humanitarian relief, Unknown Nations reaches people who have never heard the gospel before, changing lives forever.

Stories of Impact

From Impossible Places

2022 Discipleship training in Myanmar

Unveiling God’s Word


With your help, we reach the unknown nations by distributing solar-powered audio Bibles spoken in their heart language. This tool, called "The Treasure", is taken into their homes and consumed by people hearing the gospel in their language for the first time.

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2022 "The Treasure" distribution in Bangladesh

2022 Humanitarian aid in Myanmar

Springs of Change

Water Wells

Quenching thirst in spiritually dry lands, we bring life through water wells each year. Our strategic approach ensures water reaches the most remote communities, sparking hope and transformation. With your help, we continue changing lives and fostering revival.

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2021 Well in Cambodia

2021 Leadership Training in Nepal

2022 Baptism in Bangladesh

Unleashing Impact

Churches Birthed

Embracing the power of the gospel, we celebrate countless churches birthed. From humble beginnings in the most remote places, the gospel spreads like wildfire. Our indigenous missionaries fan the flames, transforming communities with Christ’s love. Help us make Jesus known in the most remote corners of the world.

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2023 Church in Kenya