Multiplying Impact

Reaching the Unreachable

The Treasure is more than a device; it represents the power of God's Word made accessible to those who've never heard, serving as a catalyst for profound change. With the ability to deliver the gospel in over 4,000 languages, it pierces through spiritual darkness with a message of hope.

2022 Woman from Afghanistan with "The Treasure" Audio Bible

accessing God's Word

Beyond Language Barriers

The Treasure makes the gospel accessible to everyone. It's compact, affordable, and user-friendly, catering to those who can't read or prefer spoken learning. With content ranging from full Bibles to devotionals, each unit has the ability to transform many lives with the gospel.

Expanding Outreach

Listening Together

As the Treasure takes root in communities, its reach extends beyond individual homes. Families and neighbors gather around this simple yet powerful device, and the darkness of spiritual isolation is dispelled. One by one, community by community, the Treasure multiplies its impact, revealing the light of Jesus in the darkest corners of the world.

Empowering Ministry

Essential Tools

Our Treasure Ministry provides a range of essential outreach tools tailored to meet community needs. The Treasure, a solar-powered, MP3 player, is our cornerstone device. Complemented by tools like Jesus Film backpacks and micro SD cards, this diverse toolkit empowers indigenous missionaries to strategically reach unreached people, fostering transformations in villages.

Make A Difference

Your partnership fuels The Treasure's journey to the unreached. By putting God's Word in their language, you enable hearts to awaken to the hope of Jesus, creating a lasting impact in communities often forgotten.


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