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The Hausa of Nigeria

The Hausa of Nigeria

September 29, 2023 5:55 PM
September 29, 2023 5:55 PM


The Hausa people live across 16 African countries, primarily in Central and Western Africa. The majority live in Nigeria and Niger. More than 99% of Hausa are devout Muslims who believe in Allah and in Muhammad as his prophet. 

Life for the Hausa remains very difficult and the regions where they live are prone to drought. Poverty is the cause of poor nutrition, illness, inadequate health care, and lack of educational opportunities. Following Islamic custom, each family lives in a village compound and men are allowed to have multiple wives. Each wife has her own hut where she and her young children sleep. All of the people share similar beliefs and customs. It is very difficult for Hausa to receive the gospel, as it leads to family persecution and rejection. 

"When we started to work among the Hausa we were badly rejected and warned to either leave the town or prepare to die. We persevered and kept our faith. One day, the chief listened to the Treasure and invited our missionary to explain more. That was the beginning of our success story among the Hausa people. They need to hear the gospel and need our love to show them who Jesus is."

- Unknown Nations Indigenous Leader in Nigeria


Please pray for new believers in the face of family pressure and persecution. (Dt. 31:6)

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