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Kenya Ministry Update

Kenya Ministry Update

January 1, 2023 2:48 PM
January 1, 2023 2:48 PM


Our Kenyan leader sent one of his indigenous missionaries to a village along the Ugandan border with Karamojong Treasures. This missionary preached and identified an elderly grandmother to entrust with one of the Treasures. He understood the high regard and position that she held in this particular village.

This dear grandmother, who was very influential in the eyes of the people, began gathering all of the women in the clan each morning to listen to the Treasure. She was not a trained preacher, evangelist, or prophet. She was simply convinced that this Treasure contained God’s Word, saying, “This is the true Word of God that God has brought in my time. Even if we don’t have a preacher with us to stay, this is the voice of God. We need to believe in Him and assemble a church within our clan!” She appointed her grandson to be the pastor of their newly established church.

Recently, our Kenyan leader received a message from the grandmother saying, “Come back! We need to baptize!” Many people have come to know Christ through the Treasure and our team is now waiting for enough water in the area to baptize them. We do not know how many are ready and waiting, maybe the entire village! Praise God for this new church that was planted with a single Treasure! Please pray for these new believers and for the beautiful land of Kenya as they have been facing very serious drought conditions. While there is currently no water available, we wait expectantly for the opportunity to baptize these new believers.

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