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Overflowing Attendance Inside Refugee Camp

Overflowing Attendance Inside Refugee Camp

January 1, 2024 10:31 AM
January 1, 2024 10:31 AM


Inside the Rohingya refugee camp, our indigenous leader hand selected several Rohingya believers to distribute Treasure audio Bibles among their people. Fazal (name changed for protection), is one of those indigenous missionaries. He came to know Christ and was baptized in 2018, shortly after fleeing Myanmar with his family.

Fazal has been working with our team for the past year and a half. He is a faithful follower of Christ, risking his life to share the gospel. Our leader shared, “It is hard for them to do this job. Very risky. But they go around every day distributing Treasures. They get their bag, put Treasures in, and go from camp to camp praying for open doors.”

Fazal hosts a weekly get together for his home church. The numbers of this group were steadily growing until a recent political uprising surrounding the upcoming election when the attendance sharply dropped. Our leader has regular check-ins with Fazal and they prayed together over the group and for the attendance to grow.

The following week, Fazal was gathered with the other believers during their regular meeting time when a group showed up. Due to the fierce persecution that many Christians face from Muslims inside of the camp, Fazal and the others thought they were under attack. Before they were able to run away, the group showed them their Treasures that they had previously received. The newcomers told them that they wanted to learn more about the gospel and asked if they could join! 

It was a beautiful answer to prayer! What started as a home church with dwindling numbers became a room overflowing with participants hungry to hear the Good News. For the past month, this group has continued to fill the meeting space.

Join us in prayer for the Rohingya refugees. Pray for good health, amidst the challenging living conditions in the camp. Additionally, please lift up Fazal and his home church, praying for their safety, the continual opening of doors, and an enduring boldness to share their faith.

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