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Houthis team up with Al-Qaeda in Yemen

Houthis team up with Al-Qaeda in Yemen

May 15, 2024 1:15 PM
May 15, 2024 1:15 PM


By Katie Hearth | May 15, 2024

Yemen (MNN) — An unexpected pair poses a new threat to Yemen. The Iran-backed Houthis are working with a feared local branch of Al-Qaeda on several fronts, including prisoner swaps and weapon deliveries.

Unknown Nations’ Greg Kelley says the partnership creates even more danger by adding another layer of chaos to war-torn Yemen. Currently, “you have the Houthis fighting, you have the military involved, and then you have Saudi Arabia and Iran doing a proxy war inside of Yemen,” Kelley says.

The constant instability hinders aid deliveries to people in need. Meanwhile, sanctions hurt the economy and lower the buying power of Yemeni families. As a result, “You have millions and millions of people who are affected and at risk of dying of hunger,” Kelley says.

“Yemen is in the top five percent [of] greatest need from a humanitarian and a spiritual condition.”

Half of Yemen’s population, more than 17 million people, face severe hunger. A more significant percentage desperately needs Jesus, the Bread of Life. “Almost 100 percent of Yemenis are Muslim, and less than one-half of one percent are followers of Jesus,” Kelley says.

“Most of them have never heard the Gospel in their life.”

Christian activity is strictly forbidden in Yemen, so Unknown Nations trains Yemeni Gospel workers in Egypt. Contact Unknown Nations here for more details and ways to help.

“We’re training leaders; we are sending in solar-powered audio Bibles because the majority of the population in Yemen don’t read,” Kelley says.

Pray believers will have Gospel opportunities as they bring physical help to people who need it most. “Because the humanitarian crisis is so devastating, it’s a tremendous opportunity for the body of Christ, as we deploy aid into that place, to also share the love of Jesus,” Kelley says.


Header image depicts an April 2020 bombing in Yemen. (Photo courtesy of Felton Davis/Flickr/CC2.0)

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