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Birth of a Church Inside IDP Camp

Birth of a Church Inside IDP Camp

April 1, 2024 1:46 PM
April 1, 2024 1:46 PM


Greetings from Myanmar. I hope you are doing well by the grace of God. Though we are passing through the most difficult time in our nation, because of the political and economic situation, our faithful God is at work among our people through His Word! We are just instruments for His Kingdom and righteousness.

I would like to share a testimony with you about the birth of a church inside of an IDP (Internally Displaced People) camp by listening to the Treasure audio Bibles. Because of the partial civil war in our country, many people have fled to our region as their houses and villages were totally destroyed. They live on a farm not far from our training center, so we’ve had the privilege of making friends with them and supporting them as much as we can.

During a Christmas outreach two years ago, we gave Treasures to some of their key elders and they began listening together in groups. By listening to the Treasures repeatedly and receiving follow up through our leaders, some of them have begun to believe in Jesus and confess their sins. As of today, we have baptized 47 of them at the center. All of these new believers have a Buddhist background and they have decided to accept Jesus as their Savior and only follow Him all the rest of their lives!

Now one of our leaders pastors this new church and I visit there often. It is still growing by the grace of God and many of these IDPs are still tasting and inquiring more about Jesus. Many listen to the Treasure daily. Hallelujah! These IDPs shared with us that at one time they thought they were the unluckiest people when they had to flee from their villages. Now they feel they are the luckiest people, because they have found eternal life in Jesus by listening to the Treasure, in spite of losing their homes and properties!

Thank you for sending us Treasures and for supporting us in these outreaches and follow up. We are in the harvest! Let’s reap more together.

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